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    Best Practices for Ages 6-12 Course



    Challenge Facing Wrestling: While we have never, in the history of wrestling, had more students competing at the youth levels, there has also never been more forfeits at the high school level. In fact, stats show that 25% of all individual dual meet matches at this level are forfeits. With this being the case, an argument could be made to solve the challenge by eliminating weight classes. However, it is important to note that for every weight class that is eliminated, there are 10,000 opportunities lost for young aspiring student-wrestlers.

    Response to Challenge: The NWCA is committed to increasing the number of student-wrestlers at all levels. As a result, we are proud to offer a course that is designed to help coaches to recruit and retain student-athletes. This 45 minute online course is designed to help the youth, junior high, and high school wrestling coach understand the following principles:

    Best practices for motivating student-wrestlers at various ages.

    Concepts for keeping wrestling “fun.”

    Ideas on how to provide student-wrestlers with constructive feedback.

    Recognition of when and how to introduce students at various ages to competition.

    Please know that many state high school activity associations and/or governing bodies may allow you to count this course toward meeting certification and/or ongoing professional development requirements. A test is included as part of the course and a computer generated certificate is generated upon completion. Be sure to check with your respective governing body to make sure you can use the course to satisfy any such mandatory obligations.

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