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    Risk Management in Wrestling Course



    Overview:This 45-minute online course is uniquely designed to help all youth, junior high, and high school coaches provide a safe and healthy practice and competition environment for student-wrestlers. Nothing will jeopardize the future sustainability of a club or interscholastic wrestling program faster than an ugly lawsuit that could have easily been avoided. The basic concepts in this course include but are not limited to:

    Understanding your legal duties as a coach.

    Common mistakes coaches make that result in catastrophic injuries.

    Best practices for maintaining a safe practice and competition environment.

    Everything you need to know about safe weight management.

    Identification, prevention, and treatment of skin infection.

    Developing an emergency action plan.

    Please know that many state high school activity associations and/or governing bodies may allow you to count this course toward meeting certification and/or ongoing professional development requirements. A test is included as part of the course and a computer generated certificate is generated upon completion. Be sure to check with your respective governing body to make sure you can use the course to satisfy any such mandatory obligations.

    Cost: The cost is $30 per coach and you have access to the course 24/7 from the convenience of your computer at home. You can start and stop at your convenience.

    Course login information will be sent within 24hrs (business hours) of purchase.