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    Student-Athlete Leadership Course (Student)



    Overview: The NWCA, through a partnership with nationally renowned professor, Dr. Tom Kane, has developed an innovative, online leader training course uniquely designed for student-wrestlers at the junior high and high school level. This course takes about 2 hours to complete and would be an ideal “pre-requisite” for any student-wrestler who wants to be a team captain. Too often, we ask young people to be team captains without providing them with any formal leadership training.

    How many times have you ever heard a coach say, “I have the most talented team ever but I have not leadership.” More often than not, the coach doesn’t have any leaders because he/she has never provided formal leadership training. This online program is designed to help student-wrestlers learn the following leadership principles:

    The nature of what team leadership really is.

    How to earn the respect that anchors quality leadership.

    General actions that exceptional leaders take.

    How to build the confidence and morale of teammates.

    How to reinforce a "team first" attitude.

    When to intervene or take action as a leader.

    What to do when serious team issues arise.

    Cost: The cost for the student-wrestler course is $19.95 for an individual wrestler. The course can be accessed 24/7 over the internet from the convenience of a home computer.

    Course login information will be sent within 24hrs (business hours) of purchase.